Sunday, 9 May 2010

What the heckery is a Folksy Friday?

So, it has come to my attention, that not all of you out there are folksiers. Now that isn't a bad thing, I will give you the opportunity to become a convert. It is very easy I promise. But right now I want to get into a little explanation of exactly what my Friday postings are all about.

Well first of its called, Folksy Friday.

So I know you all understand what Friday is. That fabulous day that leads to the weekend. The event loved by 9-5 workers and school kids the world round. The anticipation of a forth coming break.

And in another way, that is what a Folksy Friday is in another form of the word. Giving a break, to a fabulous folksy sellers, and publicising them and their fabulous items to you lovely readers.

Righty-ho, so now you have that part, time for Folksy

Folksy gives, crafters, designers, artist, and creative types the chance to have their own online shop and be part of a like-minded community.

It also provides a great resource for buying unique HANDMADE items, everything from scarfs to paintings, buntings to furniture, jewellery to clothing. If it can be made, it can be sold. It also has many supply stores with everything for your new and ongoing creative addictions. Even if your not wanting to sell, Folksy is well worth joining to treat yourself, and ideal for buying gifts.

Now we understand both Folksy and Friday, what do they mean together??

Ahh, good question.

Well I am not alone in this weekly adventure. Many members partake in this event, but again all individually, creating their own unique insights into Folksy. Some promote an individual seller, some items they have liked, or bought. But personally I like to find a theme for the week, and generally showcase 6 or so items from different sellers each time. Trying to include new sellers each time, and never having the same member two weeks running to give a better variant.

By choosing my items, I give a slight background into my chosen theme, then post images of each of my chosen items, which are linked to the sellers stores. To show you their other wares and not just the given item. I keep the notes about items as minimal as possible in order to let the photos speak for the items.

And basically that's all there is to the event. A way of showing off the talent Folksy has to offer and hopefully to inspire you to make a purchase, supporting all things handmade, rather than high street.

So go on, join up and splash out!

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  1. Great idea doing a blog about this!
    Don't forget too that there's a group over on folksy where everyone can share their links! It looks oh so purty!