Friday, 7 May 2010

M is for maps

Cherry DeLuxe Folksy Friday presents . . .M is for Maps
My picks of some of Folksys best geographically themed handmade goodies

Remember, as with all my Folksy Fridays, just click the image to go to the sellers folksy store, and although you need to be a member to buy, you do not need a store. Just skip that option when you sign up by clicking elsewhere. Don't forget to let me know if you make any of these purchases!

Buri Boo has this gorgeous brooch

1930S Underground map bag from Mrs Gibson

Keep track of all your notes, with Toggle's upcycled notepad

SwirlyArts has these fab pins, great souviners with a real vintage feel.

This card by Jen Owens would be fab for and engagment, or anniversary! Love the sparkles

I love this idea from, White Dove, would make a great wedding gift, one from home and one your Honeymoon destination.


  1. What an interesting variety of maps you've found, I love the brooch and the bag.

  2. Buri Boos brooch is definately my favourite...lovely x