Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Desperatly seeking Rosie

Feeling a big creative void right now, looking forward to some exciting work related news which will be posted up towards the end of the month.

Having a 5 month old baby isn't easy when it comes to using fimo and keeping the house together, sigh. Maid robot for hire anyone?? I used to love the Jetsons as a kid and were Rosie real I'd hire her in a second, even with her sarcasm.

Not only is getting tiny bits of clay everywhere, constantly unpacking and repacking and now lil miss is trying to crawl, and into everything mummy has its becoming a slight hazard. I also want to get back into drawing and photography more. Not that I am turning my back on fimo, but just feeling until a self cleaning house with auto trim lawn is invented it will have to take a slight back seat. Ho hum.

Not to worry though, one handed bloggimg shal continue whilst the mini monkey naps on my knee.

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