Thursday, 1 April 2010

Super fun Swapathon, who wants crafty gifts??

So first off, I have been a bad bad blogger again, hubby has had some holidays from work, so have been spending some time with him and bubs. Well after killing quite a few zombies, via CoDWaW, L4D2, (I'm sure this means something to someone) and some much overdue viewing, in the form of, Suspiria, Tokyo Gore Police, and way too much anime, if that is at all possible along with plenty of rolling around on a play mat and baby talking, but who could resist a face like this??

Anyway, after much delay, I've been on a craft spree this week, buying tonnes of felt, chains, pins, fimo a go go, oh my my bank wont be happy he he.

But the main reason for this blog, well everyone loves a swap yes?

Well how about a swap where you send just one of your beautiful wares and receive 36 fabulous , yes 36 !!!!! Non mass produced crafty gifts back, like postal Christmas, lots of little pressies on your door step??

Its super simple and easy peasy, all you need is to send out one of your items, anything that you feel would make a great little gift, something you would like to receive. Then wait. . . .

. . . . .and find the fab things on your doorstep.

Its a great way of spreading publicity, after all, pop some business cards in, and the item may even been passed onto a friend of the recipient as a gift, spreading your name further, wooowwweeeee!

If your interested, just comment, or send me a message on folksy and I will send you all of the details.

6 people are required, but remember this is fun fun fun!

Love x

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