Sunday, 11 April 2010

Easter fun and Ilkley.

So I have been very absent of late.

Received a phone call from Mum on good Friday, she was due to be coming to stay the following week, but due to family issues, they couldn't go where they were supposed to be going and wanted to get away from home. . . NOW.

Long story, but hey ho.
So after a super fast tidying of house, Mum and Stepdad land for a week.
A busy week too. Lots of being out and about. Bought a BEAUTIFUL new sofa .
Hired van to take stuff to mums house back in Geordie land.
Mum took ill so ended up going to hospital in ambulance at 1am (don't worry all is well, just very bad food poisoning.)
Started weaning baby, and she's taking to it great.

Loads more I'm guessing I cant even think of right now.

After the craziness though, and the visitors leaving, took advantage of a beautiful day yesterday and took bubs for a day trip to Ilkley.

Some great craft fairs on, and loved being out without
a huge coat on, bought some fab bits, including a few
things from fellow folksiers.

Bought this gorgeous hair slide from Wychbury, the colours are so beautiful and the detail in all of the bead work is so great, I simply would never have the patience, and it looks so realistic and natural. Can you tell how impressed I am??

Also bought a fab brooch from Crimblecats, its gorgeous and so colourful, I love it. I must have been in a very flowery mood with the lovely summery sunshine out, as they were the first two things I bought.

I must also add how beautifully it was packaged, as you can see in the pic, with its own hand drawn advertising on the bag, how cute.

Next purchase was from the fab myfuroshiki who is a master of the traditional Japanese fabric wrapping, and even prints her own fabrics to make wraps and bags, BEAUTIFUL. I have to admit though the square I bought will be used as a headscarf, but I love it :D

Again beautifully packaged, and with a fab origami crane, and wrapping guide, very much appreciated. Thank you. I bought the pinky one, and again it has flowers.

I also found another fair near by, where I bought a great print of a squirrel, by far one of my favourite animals, just to find a frame now.

So a great day, and met some lovely people,lets hope the sunshine is here to stay

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