Friday, 30 April 2010

L is for the Locals

So as promised, but a little overdue, as I wanted to include as many of you local lovvies as possible, Cherry DeLuxe Folksy Friday presents . . .
L is for the Locals, promoting the fabulous talent of Leeds and West Yorkshire.Enjoy, and go buy something!! Remember, as with all Folksy Fridays, just click the image to go to the sellers folksy store, and although you need to be a member to buy, you do not need a store. Just skip that option when you sign up by clicking elsewhere. Don't forget to let me know if you make any of these purchases! x
So without further adieu, show some love for my Locals!

Fab necklace by the lovely Emma 1985

Amazing skills from the geographically challenged, QuiteContraryCrafts

Love the colours in this hand dyed yarn by Wharfedale Wools, a true Loiner

Giraffe Craft brings us lots of fabulous sock buddies.

Buttercup Boutique is a true textile treasure

Let someone know how you feel, thanks to Dig The Earth

Fab earthy summery feel to this necklace, by Elca Designs

Super cute stars from the Jewellery Angel

With wedding season coming up, get a card which will stand out, thanks to accidental vix

This reminds me of fruit salads, mmmmm, thanks northernjeb

How fab are these gorgeous glass heart pendants from Glassprimitif

Quernus Crafts has a fantastic menagerie of polymer clay beasties, including these fab horses, just in time for Badminton.

So yes, an extended edition of Folksy Friday, but enjoy and support your locals too!

Friday, 23 April 2010


So lots is going on at DeLuxe towers right now, well DeLuxe semi detached, but as my Internet is currently as stable as a one legged zebra, I'm having to post this mini blog by saving it in between short connections, then publishing when it will allow. arrfgghh.

For this reason, my Folksy friday is running behind as it took me over 3 hours to just reply to a message on folksy, but i promise an uber edition coming soon.

Love and apologies

Monday, 19 April 2010

Cherrys bakery

Just a quick blog about the new pins I'm working on, gingerbread people pins, so far including a pirate, karate dude(ette), Saturday night fever man, guitarist and Queens Foot guard.

I'm loving making these lil fella's

They look a lil rough as they're not sanded yet, but all have little glass eye(s) and details.

Friday, 16 April 2010

K is for Kitchen

So K is for kitchen, and if you use yours for baking, eating, entertaining, or simply for quickly throwing something easy in the oven, there is something here for everyone, from tea towels, to furniture.

Please check out these folksiers stores, and do treat yourself while there and support the handmade community, remember, you don't need to have a store to shop on folksy, just sign up and skip the store option, its simple, and all safe as payments are through paypal!

Just click on the pictures, and it will lead you to the sellers store

Let me know if you buy any items featured. ENJOY!! XX

Fab printed tea towels from, papa totoro

More Tea ? from JK knits and bits

Theres no place like purlesque4folksy

So come on, who wants to buy me this amazing dresser, from Tatty Boo??

Love this bowl from CaractacusPots, must be another Chitty Bang Bang fan huh?

1000degrees Art Studio gives us a fabulous background tale with this mug, I love the bunting bow around the handle. Why not treat yourself to a new mug to accompany folksy fridays?

Monday, 12 April 2010


Listing some yummy cupcake pins on folksy today.

So far I have made a larger commissioned cupcake necklace, but these are the first mini pin cupcakes from Cherry Deluxe, so hoping they go down well. They are made from polymer clay and have bar style twist saftey pin backs, so nice and secure. They also have glitter in the icing and super glossy cherrys. Enjoy!

If you would like any other colours just let me know.


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Easter fun and Ilkley.

So I have been very absent of late.

Received a phone call from Mum on good Friday, she was due to be coming to stay the following week, but due to family issues, they couldn't go where they were supposed to be going and wanted to get away from home. . . NOW.

Long story, but hey ho.
So after a super fast tidying of house, Mum and Stepdad land for a week.
A busy week too. Lots of being out and about. Bought a BEAUTIFUL new sofa .
Hired van to take stuff to mums house back in Geordie land.
Mum took ill so ended up going to hospital in ambulance at 1am (don't worry all is well, just very bad food poisoning.)
Started weaning baby, and she's taking to it great.

Loads more I'm guessing I cant even think of right now.

After the craziness though, and the visitors leaving, took advantage of a beautiful day yesterday and took bubs for a day trip to Ilkley.

Some great craft fairs on, and loved being out without
a huge coat on, bought some fab bits, including a few
things from fellow folksiers.

Bought this gorgeous hair slide from Wychbury, the colours are so beautiful and the detail in all of the bead work is so great, I simply would never have the patience, and it looks so realistic and natural. Can you tell how impressed I am??

Also bought a fab brooch from Crimblecats, its gorgeous and so colourful, I love it. I must have been in a very flowery mood with the lovely summery sunshine out, as they were the first two things I bought.

I must also add how beautifully it was packaged, as you can see in the pic, with its own hand drawn advertising on the bag, how cute.

Next purchase was from the fab myfuroshiki who is a master of the traditional Japanese fabric wrapping, and even prints her own fabrics to make wraps and bags, BEAUTIFUL. I have to admit though the square I bought will be used as a headscarf, but I love it :D

Again beautifully packaged, and with a fab origami crane, and wrapping guide, very much appreciated. Thank you. I bought the pinky one, and again it has flowers.

I also found another fair near by, where I bought a great print of a squirrel, by far one of my favourite animals, just to find a frame now.

So a great day, and met some lovely people,lets hope the sunshine is here to stay

Friday, 2 April 2010

J is for Join in

Yep yep, after a busy week I surrender, alas I have failed at folksy friday in the traditional sense but instead I have a mission

Yes J is for join, all you have to do is send out one crafty item and get 36 in return, and find 6 people to join in, go on its fun


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Super fun Swapathon, who wants crafty gifts??

So first off, I have been a bad bad blogger again, hubby has had some holidays from work, so have been spending some time with him and bubs. Well after killing quite a few zombies, via CoDWaW, L4D2, (I'm sure this means something to someone) and some much overdue viewing, in the form of, Suspiria, Tokyo Gore Police, and way too much anime, if that is at all possible along with plenty of rolling around on a play mat and baby talking, but who could resist a face like this??

Anyway, after much delay, I've been on a craft spree this week, buying tonnes of felt, chains, pins, fimo a go go, oh my my bank wont be happy he he.

But the main reason for this blog, well everyone loves a swap yes?

Well how about a swap where you send just one of your beautiful wares and receive 36 fabulous , yes 36 !!!!! Non mass produced crafty gifts back, like postal Christmas, lots of little pressies on your door step??

Its super simple and easy peasy, all you need is to send out one of your items, anything that you feel would make a great little gift, something you would like to receive. Then wait. . . .

. . . . .and find the fab things on your doorstep.

Its a great way of spreading publicity, after all, pop some business cards in, and the item may even been passed onto a friend of the recipient as a gift, spreading your name further, wooowwweeeee!

If your interested, just comment, or send me a message on folksy and I will send you all of the details.

6 people are required, but remember this is fun fun fun!

Love x