Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sweet Treats and New Homes

So, it may not seem like it latley, but I have actually been working on a few bits. Including a few cupcake pin badges in various colours.
They will be listed on folksy in the next few days, once I get some better photos, and finish them sand them etc.

Aint they cute, if you would like one in any colour of your choice I'd be happy to 'bake' you one. Just tell me what colour icing and cupcake case you would like.

I've also been working on some new pins inspired by my dad. As a child he used to take me to the local wildfowl parks I used to love spotting different birds, both out and in our gardens. He often talked about the adventures he and his brother would have as kids looking fir birds, and to this day, now unable to work, he loves watching the birds in his garden, even calling me to let me know about sightings of the woodpecker, rare birds or the first robin of winter
Again if you would like any other colours of these bird house pins either solid colour/striped etc, let me know, the roofs are also tiled but you cant really see in the pics, I shall add another one later.

I'm really in love with them, going to make a pendant too, with the new chains I ordered today, and make a few beach shacks too, as I think they would look really cute.

The one on the right glows in the dark too!