Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Oh what a day!

So, really not a crafty day today, ordered some new supplies and toys, but nothing else very constructive. Saying that, it wasn't exactly a relaxing day !

Started with an early morning wake up, courtesy of my 3 month old daughter, who thinks 6.30 is a great time to get up. A few smiles though and all is forgiven.

Health Visitor came for weaning chat at 10.30, really happy with how bubs was.

Took bubs to baby clinic to be weighed at 2, hubs was going out to meet some friends, so I had a free afternoon.

At clinic bubs has gone down two lines on the charts on her weight, eeep! But nurse wasn't worried as shes very happy content, and clearly not underfed, but still said she had to refer to HV. Eeeep

Walks to local retail park, a bit , well alot miffed, I know she feeds regular, and feeds well, and I know I had been told not to worry, but you cant help it.

Anyway an hour later my HV calls, says don't worry, she has no problems what so ever and baby couldn't be happier, its clearly metabolism/teething/growth spurt thing.

So feeling much happier, had a bit of a shop around Asda, crown point. Had around £40 of goodies, gets to till queue, no one else waiting, three staff behind tills gossiping, but not actually at set tills so I waited at the please wait sign.

They stood continuing their gossip, one with her back to the till leaning back on her elbows onto the cash desk, the other two stood opposite,all kept looking at me, but no greeting to go to till, and those familiar with the store know it say a tannoy type please go to till blah blah, so I didn't know if they were busy or what.

After 5 mins of them continuing to talk and totally ignore my waiting, I'd had it.
Threw my stuff on the closest till and walked out, had a chat with the guy on the door about how annoyed I was and walked out. Then stopped to pop my coat on and dropped the plastic jug which had got stuck to buggy, eeep!

Thankfully the security guard has also been there when I had complained so knew I was annoyed and laughed when I took back my 37p plastic jug. The shame!

Ah well

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