Monday, 8 March 2010

Oh hello Mr Blog

Well Lil ol' Cherry has jumped on the blogwaggon. Despite being hard enough trying to be a crafty mother, I've decided to somehow sqeeeeeeze out a little bloggage too. How thats going to work out I'll never know.

So maybe a little background, I'm a long time crafter and well studied artist, and mother. Love to create things by hand from scratch rather than putting things together, so ok, I do use findings like pins and clips, but the pins or pendants or any beads will be handmade.

I'm currently on a huge fimo addiction, although rediscovered knitting and learned how to crochet whilst pregnant, and love to create cards and even paint when I occasionally get the time.

So until I get the hang of this blogging larkey, why not clicky clicky on those buttons over there, yep out there on the right and visit my folksy shop, or the main site and buy something nice from the lovely people on there.

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