Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New skills and Geekery

And yes. . . Geekery is a word :P In my world at least

After spotting my faithfull old gameboy, which still works to this day despite receiving it as a gift for christmas 1990 and having a full can of cola spilt on it. I decided to make my loving companion, (yes the gameboy) a small, well tiny tribute.

So with a little bit of fimo fun, created a teeny tiny fimo replica which is going to be a pin, however, the geekage didn't stop there, NOOOOOOOO. Being a gamer, and a big collector( the hubs and I have a ridiculous retro console and game collection :D ), the Nintendo love continued, mini SNES and NES pads oh, I can hear the 8-bit happiness singing away in my head. But hey ho, then baby woke up.

After she went back to sleep, I turned my attention to the pile of felt I bought on a whim. I have always been a stitch-a-phobic, I'm a messy hand stitcher, and sewing machines detect some kind of inbuilt chip I have which turns them erratic and they blow up. But after doing a minor repair on babys pram raincover, decided to have a small play with some felt, with the thought of stitching to cards or making more pins :D Oh I loves my pins.

Well this is the finished product, which for a freehanded first attempt with nothing more than a thought in my head don't think its too shoddy really. But pins or card toppers?? Hmm or maybe pined on card toppers, would you buy them??

And with the geekery set to continue, I have decided to host a celebration of gamer geekdom this weekend, yes this friday will be my maiden voyage into displaying the work of others, and have decided upon a retro game/geek theme.
So watch this space. . .

Until then bubs is napping, so I'm off to make a teeny tiny dreamcast.


  1. I'm actually thinking of making a little bag for all the wii accesories that are constantly lying around the living room - haven't decided what form it will take, ideally I'd like to knit an invisibility cloak for the 42" lcd as well!

  2. Ha, I've still got one of those working gameboys too stuffed away in a drawer! You've got very clever fingers to make such tiny and accurate things.

  3. Way-hay! great first couple of posts, your felt cream cake looks good enough to eat...hmm now i'm craving a sugar fix, Marice x

  4. wow i love the snez controller, i made some gamer themed necklaces, go gamers lol

  5. They are really wonderful! I have been playing New Zealand story for most of the afternoon :)