Friday, 26 March 2010

I is for ice cream

Well here it is again, its Friday, time for folksy Friday. . .

So this weeks theme, yum yum is ice-cream, a great mix of fabulous creamy dreamy themed items from those gorgeous handmaking fabulists from folksy. So if you see something you like click on the pic, browse their shops and buy buy buy!! Remember folksy is your friend, and yes you will need to sign up, but its quick, free and you don't need to make a shop, just skip that option.

Here it is then, enjoy x

Knitted Yummies from the Shabby Tiger

Cosy cushion from, DO COME AGAIN !!

Sugar sweet candle by Mr Wick

Felt fabness by Felt up, oooo errr missus

Upcycled ice cream bowl from mai'mo

Knickerbockerglory card from I like



  1. Thanks, theyre making me very hungry

  2. It's pudding night in our house...mmmm i'm thinking just ice cream tonight after seeing all these lovelies :0)

  3. What a delicious selection you've chosen!

    ..I love quality ice-cream....bought up on 'Marine Ices'/Camden Town from the tender age of 9....their ice-cream Cassata is just the best with a massive dollop of whipped the places i miss most now i'm in the 'burbs.

  4. LOVE that cushion! Can't wait for summer and ice-cream. x

  5. Oh does this mean summer is just around the corner? Fab choices, thanks for sharing x

  6. Indeed summer is not that far away, and infact I heard my first ice cream van of 2010 earlier this week, oh how giddy I was . . . no honestly I jumped up and down, much to hubbys amusement