Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sweet Treats and New Homes

So, it may not seem like it latley, but I have actually been working on a few bits. Including a few cupcake pin badges in various colours.
They will be listed on folksy in the next few days, once I get some better photos, and finish them sand them etc.

Aint they cute, if you would like one in any colour of your choice I'd be happy to 'bake' you one. Just tell me what colour icing and cupcake case you would like.

I've also been working on some new pins inspired by my dad. As a child he used to take me to the local wildfowl parks I used to love spotting different birds, both out and in our gardens. He often talked about the adventures he and his brother would have as kids looking fir birds, and to this day, now unable to work, he loves watching the birds in his garden, even calling me to let me know about sightings of the woodpecker, rare birds or the first robin of winter
Again if you would like any other colours of these bird house pins either solid colour/striped etc, let me know, the roofs are also tiled but you cant really see in the pics, I shall add another one later.

I'm really in love with them, going to make a pendant too, with the new chains I ordered today, and make a few beach shacks too, as I think they would look really cute.

The one on the right glows in the dark too!

Friday, 26 March 2010

I is for ice cream

Well here it is again, its Friday, time for folksy Friday. . .

So this weeks theme, yum yum is ice-cream, a great mix of fabulous creamy dreamy themed items from those gorgeous handmaking fabulists from folksy. So if you see something you like click on the pic, browse their shops and buy buy buy!! Remember folksy is your friend, and yes you will need to sign up, but its quick, free and you don't need to make a shop, just skip that option.

Here it is then, enjoy x

Knitted Yummies from the Shabby Tiger

Cosy cushion from, DO COME AGAIN !!

Sugar sweet candle by Mr Wick

Felt fabness by Felt up, oooo errr missus

Upcycled ice cream bowl from mai'mo

Knickerbockerglory card from I like


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Oh what a day!

So, really not a crafty day today, ordered some new supplies and toys, but nothing else very constructive. Saying that, it wasn't exactly a relaxing day !

Started with an early morning wake up, courtesy of my 3 month old daughter, who thinks 6.30 is a great time to get up. A few smiles though and all is forgiven.

Health Visitor came for weaning chat at 10.30, really happy with how bubs was.

Took bubs to baby clinic to be weighed at 2, hubs was going out to meet some friends, so I had a free afternoon.

At clinic bubs has gone down two lines on the charts on her weight, eeep! But nurse wasn't worried as shes very happy content, and clearly not underfed, but still said she had to refer to HV. Eeeep

Walks to local retail park, a bit , well alot miffed, I know she feeds regular, and feeds well, and I know I had been told not to worry, but you cant help it.

Anyway an hour later my HV calls, says don't worry, she has no problems what so ever and baby couldn't be happier, its clearly metabolism/teething/growth spurt thing.

So feeling much happier, had a bit of a shop around Asda, crown point. Had around £40 of goodies, gets to till queue, no one else waiting, three staff behind tills gossiping, but not actually at set tills so I waited at the please wait sign.

They stood continuing their gossip, one with her back to the till leaning back on her elbows onto the cash desk, the other two stood opposite,all kept looking at me, but no greeting to go to till, and those familiar with the store know it say a tannoy type please go to till blah blah, so I didn't know if they were busy or what.

After 5 mins of them continuing to talk and totally ignore my waiting, I'd had it.
Threw my stuff on the closest till and walked out, had a chat with the guy on the door about how annoyed I was and walked out. Then stopped to pop my coat on and dropped the plastic jug which had got stuck to buggy, eeep!

Thankfully the security guard has also been there when I had complained so knew I was annoyed and laughed when I took back my 37p plastic jug. The shame!

Ah well

Sunday, 21 March 2010


So after a reacent product swapping on good ol' folksy I received a gorgeous floral pincushion, with crochet flower and bright red button from bluebell and rosie.


I was actually in need of a pin cushion and about to purchase one, so very useful. The fabric is gorgeous, and I love the button. It's also very well padded, nice and thick unlike some store bought ones, so you can actually jab your pins right in. She also has some gorgeous purses and cushions in her store, so go on, have a look and treat yourself.

Oh, and the photo will take you to her shop, clicky clicky !

Friday, 19 March 2010

Folksy Friday. . . H is for . . .

So this week I have been a very bad blogger, tut tut. But hey, following last weeks gamer, ie G, this weeks theme is hair . . clips, hats and bands, something for every budget ENJOY !!

Clicking the images will take you to the makers store

Stunning POW fascinator, love love love xx

Gorgeous, vibrant peacock hair band

Yummy scrummy, hair clips

beautiful beaded poppy hairband

LOVE, hair slides

Amazing bridal headband, I would have loved this for my wedding x

Friday, 12 March 2010

Folksy Friday, Gamer Love x

So as promised my first Folksy Friday, a collection of much lacking geeky gamer items from folksy, I love you more than xbox card, duck hunt wall plaques, floppy disk note book, gameboy print and wow wow wow, space invader scarf, love them all!

Go on show these guys some love and treat yourself

storey shop



Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Pins

New pins all on folksy






Wooop woop

Well managed to get one XboX 360 elite pad made last night (the black one) and feel quite proud of it, just needs baked now, although I am super proud of the detail on the d-pad, and the xbox button actually is silver with the tiny green X showing through. Hells Yeah!

Also had some great feedback today. Worked with the lovley Dottie Designs . She makes gorgeous personalised albums and sells on folksy and ebay,

So after receiving a request for an album with fimo lettering, a change to her usual items, she enlisted my help via good old folksy! So after creating the letters and sending I awaited judgement. Well Dottie loved them, but what about the customer?

Well she received this feedback . .

The album arrived today and it is absolutely perfect.
Both myself and my Husband think it is the best money we have spent.
I have left feedback for you on ebay but with not very many characters we cannot really express our thanks to you and the excellent service we have recieved from you. I will be able to tell Tom in years to come how his album was custom made for him and there will not be another like it anywhere.

Thank you once again it has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I will definately recommend you to anyone I know that wants that personal, professional, perfect service that you provide.

I'm so happy, and well done Dottie, hopefully this will be the first of more things to come.

Dottie's Folksy Store

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

More geekage, and serious blog envy

First of all, huge hello's to all of my new followers, sending you all love and sprinkles.

So today hasn't been hugely crafty, spent the morning with hubs, then Lyds hasn't been too well following mondays injections, but with her having a nice long nap I've started on some more gamer pads, xbox and 360 right now.

I have however been getting some uber green eyes over lots of your boootiful blogs, so am going to spend at least some of tomorrow digging out my old HTML skills which havent been in practise for over 5 years, O HALP!

So wish me luck I guess.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New skills and Geekery

And yes. . . Geekery is a word :P In my world at least

After spotting my faithfull old gameboy, which still works to this day despite receiving it as a gift for christmas 1990 and having a full can of cola spilt on it. I decided to make my loving companion, (yes the gameboy) a small, well tiny tribute.

So with a little bit of fimo fun, created a teeny tiny fimo replica which is going to be a pin, however, the geekage didn't stop there, NOOOOOOOO. Being a gamer, and a big collector( the hubs and I have a ridiculous retro console and game collection :D ), the Nintendo love continued, mini SNES and NES pads oh, I can hear the 8-bit happiness singing away in my head. But hey ho, then baby woke up.

After she went back to sleep, I turned my attention to the pile of felt I bought on a whim. I have always been a stitch-a-phobic, I'm a messy hand stitcher, and sewing machines detect some kind of inbuilt chip I have which turns them erratic and they blow up. But after doing a minor repair on babys pram raincover, decided to have a small play with some felt, with the thought of stitching to cards or making more pins :D Oh I loves my pins.

Well this is the finished product, which for a freehanded first attempt with nothing more than a thought in my head don't think its too shoddy really. But pins or card toppers?? Hmm or maybe pined on card toppers, would you buy them??

And with the geekery set to continue, I have decided to host a celebration of gamer geekdom this weekend, yes this friday will be my maiden voyage into displaying the work of others, and have decided upon a retro game/geek theme.
So watch this space. . .

Until then bubs is napping, so I'm off to make a teeny tiny dreamcast.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Oh hello Mr Blog

Well Lil ol' Cherry has jumped on the blogwaggon. Despite being hard enough trying to be a crafty mother, I've decided to somehow sqeeeeeeze out a little bloggage too. How thats going to work out I'll never know.

So maybe a little background, I'm a long time crafter and well studied artist, and mother. Love to create things by hand from scratch rather than putting things together, so ok, I do use findings like pins and clips, but the pins or pendants or any beads will be handmade.

I'm currently on a huge fimo addiction, although rediscovered knitting and learned how to crochet whilst pregnant, and love to create cards and even paint when I occasionally get the time.

So until I get the hang of this blogging larkey, why not clicky clicky on those buttons over there, yep out there on the right and visit my folksy shop, or the main site and buy something nice from the lovely people on there.